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Ledger @Live #Desktop - Click on Start . Type Settings and open it. Choose Update & Security . Open Windows Security. Find Virus & threat protection and under it, select Manage settings.

The Ledger Live application can be installed and used simultaneously on multiple devices (computers, smartphones). Your accounts and settings need to be set up on each device.

Ledger Live stores your data locally

Ledger Live does not store your information on a centralized Ledger server. Each installation of Ledger Live is independent. Your accounts, password, and settings are stored locally on your computer or smartphone.

Ledger Live's primary function is to synchronize your transaction history and balance with the blockchain. That is why, for each device you use (mobile, desktop, laptop, etc) you need to install the Ledger Live app, set an optional password, and add your accounts using your Ledger device. Please note that local changes, such as your settings, favorite accounts, and account names, are not synchronized across devices.

However, if you add the same accounts to both your mobile and desktop Ledger Live apps, your transaction history will be consistent and synchronized across all your devices and applications.

Set up Ledger Live on another device

Ledger Live Desktop Ledger Live Mobile

  1. Download and install the latest version of Ledger Live.

  2. Choose Connect your Nano in the menu Already have a recovery phrase.

You should already have set up your Ledger device the first time you installed Ledger Live. Add your accounts by following these instructions.

Ledger Live is now ready to use on this device. If you add accounts or change settings on your smartphone, you will need to do the same on your computer and vice versa.

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